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Plastic Tap
Plastic material is used for plastic taps, and these are weather proof and long lasting. Almost all of our taps have a resilient finish that resists scratches and tarnishing to withstand the wear and tear of a hardworking kitchens and bathrooms.
Pipe Fitting
Pipe fittings from M Taps can be used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, industries and wherever pipelines are installed. These fittings are quality-approved as these have been tested on various quality parameters before packaging.
Bib Cock
The Bib cocks have a threaded outlet, which make them capable of simple attachment of hoses or pipes. Plus, they are highly convenient for tasks of washing cars, watering gardens and connection to many plumbing systems.
Long Body Bib Cocks
Plastic Bib Cock
Plastic bib cocks have many insulation properties and assist in transferring heat. They have availability in many sizes and shapes and consumers can chose their preference, as required.